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Top tips for supporting staff through redundancies

Uncertainty can cause mental and physical stress

Health Assured, the employee assistance programme (EAP) provider, has published several tips on how employers can support staff through redundancies.

It follows a wave of redundancies across the retail sector. 

David Price (pictured), chief executive and wellbeing expert at Health Assured, warned that staff who are being made redundant or who survive may suffer mental and physical stress as a result of the uncertainty they are facing.

He said in order to reduce the impact of stress on staff, it is important that employers provide as much information to staff as possible.

This includes having a clear communication strategy, offering staff access to financial advice and communicating available support such as an EAP.

Price pointed out that after making redundancies, many businesses experience an increased turnover among remaining staff.

To minimise staff turnover and support surviving staff, businesses should ensure a formal redundancy procedure is in place, speak to remaining employees on a one-to-one basis and listen to their concerns, and ensure adequate training is provided where remaining staff have a change of duties.

Price added that managers require support too.

“Managers should identify where they can get support from, whether it be from colleagues, a mentor or coach or outside their organisation such as an EAP provider,” he said.