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One in three flexible working requests turned down

People in working-class occupations are most likely to miss out

Nearly one in three (30%) requests for flexible working are being turned down, a poll suggests.

The survey by the TUC shows flexi-time is unavailable to over half (58%) of the UK workforce, rising to nearly two-thirds (64%) of people in working-class occupations. 

Three in 10 workers (28%) said their desire for more flexible hours is one of the main reasons they might look for a new job. 

A new campaign, called Flex for All, has launched a petition to change the law so that flexible working is open to all workers from day one in the job. 

Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s general secretary, argued that it is not right that millions are struggling to balance their work and home lives.

“Ministers must change the law so that people can work flexibly – regardless of what type of contract they are on,” she said. “Allowing people more flexibility in how and when they do their work makes them happier and more productive.”