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Mercer launches financial wellness platform for employees

Mercer Money lets people manage all their personal finances in one app

Mercer has launched a financial wellness platform and mobile app that allows employees to manage all aspects of their personal finances in one place.

Mercer Money provides a real-time view of current accounts, debt, savings, pensions, investments, mortgages and property values.

It offers budgeting and full transaction functionalities, reminders and personalised nudges which aim to help employees to keep on top of their financial commitments and investments, thereby alleviating stress and anxiety around money issues.

Benoit Hudon, UK wealth leader for Mercer, said many employees have to juggle multiple conflicting financial demands daily, resulting in increased stress and difficulty when making decisions.

“Mercer Money has been designed to support better financial decision making and help improve people’s lives today while giving them peace of mind that their future needs are met,” Hudon added.

Mercer Money forms part of the Mercer Master Trust and will be the window through which members access the master trust.

Employees who leave their employment will continue to have access to the services as long as they keep their deferred membership in Mercer Master Trust.