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Jonny Wilkinson heads up Vitality mental health campaign

Campaign aims to encourage people to seek support

Jonny Wilkinson has been named as the ambassador of a new mental health campaign launched by Vitality.

The campaign, which seeks to address the fine line between feeling fine and feeling overwhelmed, will see Wilkinson share some of his own personal challenges around mental health in a bid to encourage people to seek support. 

In recent weeks, the Rugby players’ union has called for urgent action to be taken to protect players’ mental wellbeing.

The former England rugby union player said: “Mental health affects everyone, and I hope by talking about my own experiences and exploring one of the most challenging times in my life, I can help people reach out and seek support when they need it.”

The Britain’s Healthiest Workplace report suggests approximately 60% of UK employees are suffering from either work-related stress or depression.

Dr Keith Klintworth, at VitalityHealth, said the insurer wants to use the power of its brand and ambassadors to shine a light on how mental health can affect anyone at any time.

“Good mental health is central to our overall wellbeing, and at Vitality we feel it is our duty to protect and support all aspects of physical and mental health for our members, and for society as a whole,” he stated.