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Bupa launches TV campaign focused on mental health

Campaign challenges what is considered to be ‘normal’

Bupa UK has launched a TV advertising campaign which focuses on mental health and aims to challenge what is considered to be normal.

The insurer wants to normalise seeking support for mental health by offering reassurance that with over seven billion versions of normal on the planet, there is no one type of normal. 

The “Is it normal?” campaign is Bupa’s first major advertising campaign since 2017. It is the next chapter of the “For Living” brand activity, which focuses on helping people get the most out of everyday life.

As part of the campaign, Bupa is launching an online mental health hub, which aims to be a go-to source of information, guidance and practical tips to help people improve their mental health and support others. It will also signpost visitors to resources developed by mental health charities, including Mind and Samaritans.  

Alex Perry, chief executive of Bupa UK Insurance, said the insurer wants to illustrate the many states of mental health, as well as the diverse range of people it affects.

“Many people will find their mental health challenged at some point in their lives and the new TV advert shows how this can feel. We know raising awareness is vital and we also want to encourage people to take the appropriate action to get the support they need, whatever’s on their mind,” he added. 

In a film focusing on a range of everyday situations – from a man boiling a kettle looking detached to an anxious woman at a party hiding behind a mask – the advert explores how there are times when we all may not feel normal, but then asks “what is normal?”

“One of the biggest issues in mental health is people not getting help early enough, and we’re continually looking at ways we can advance our support,” said Perry. “That’s for our customers, our own people and the wider community – which is why our new mental health hub is accessible to everyone.” The TV advert, created by Mullenlowe London and directed by Simon Rattigan, will play out across TV, VOD and cinema throughout January.