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A third of workers believe their mental ill-health worsened in 2018

Half don’t think their workplace culture helps people open up

One third (34%) of workers with mental health issues say their condition has become more severe in the past 12 months, a survey reveals.

The poll by healthtech start-up Mynurva found 68% of Britons do not think the government is doing enough to support people in the UK with mental health problems.

In addition, 67% do not believe GPs have the time and training to effectively diagnose and recommend treatment for patients with mental health problems.

Overall, 32% of all UK adults in full-time employment have suffered from mental health problems in the workplace, the survey suggests.

Of those, 54% are not aware of any formal support structures within their organisation to help with their mental health symptoms and 49% do not feel there is an appropriate culture in their workplace to enable people to open up about their mental wellbeing.

Over half (54%) have struggled to find time in their working day to attend medical appointments.

Dr Zain Sikafi, chief executive and founder of Mynurva, said although there has been a push by the government to address mental ill-health, more action is urgently needed. 
“For those full-time workers suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression, the negative stigma surrounding mental health can make it incredibly difficult for suffers to seek help for their conditions,” he stated.

He suggested employers review the current systems they have in place to support the wellbeing of their staff.

“Doing so will not only encourage their employees to access the treatment they need, but also contribute to a more productive, transparent and positive working environment,” he claimed.