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VitalityLife launches signature-free online trust solution

Solution is available for personal and business protection plans

VitalityLife has launched an online solution that makes it quicker or advisers to place protection plans in trust. 

The online process eliminates the need for written signatures and allows advisers to set up a trust as part of the protection application using VitalityLife’s Adviser Hub self-service portal.

The solution is available for all new personal and business protection plans.

When held in a valid trust, the plan will not be subject to inheritance tax (IHT) as part of the settlor’s taxable estate. The plan proceeds are paid directly to the trustees, meaning faster payment of the benefits to the beneficiaries.

VitalityLife’s trusts are split trusts meaning the settlor has the ability to retain some benefits from the plan (such as serious illness cover) whilst being able to gift others (such as the life cover). 

Sally Burrowes, director of legal at VitalityLife, said it can be hard for advisers to demonstrate the benefits of placing protection plans in trust, often because of the time-consuming nature of the process.

“Our new signature-free online solution means it will be quicker and easier for advisers to place plans in trust, further supporting our aim to ensure members have the most comprehensive protection possible,” she added.