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The Exeter adopts iPipeline’s document delivery and e-sign solution

Income protection provider is the first to pilot AlphaTrust

Income protection provider The Exeter has adopted iPipeline’s new document delivery and e-sign solution to digitise its claims process.

The Exeter’s claims process will be digitally delivered and managed from the claim request through to completion.

AlphaTrust enables full customisation of a business’s document delivery and e-signature process, with The Exeter’s branding in place throughout the entire journey. It also automatically stores and manages all documentation throughout the process.

The solution aims to reduce the time, cost and complexity associated with delivering and managing documents electronically, which may require one or more signatures from multiple parties.

Ian Teague, UK group managing director at iPipeline, said the claim is the real moment of truth for protection products so it is critically important to make the process as fast and painless as possible.

“With iPipeline introducing this innovative technology to the UK marketplace, we’re further enabling businesses to improve productivity and transform traditional manual paper-based workflows. Not only does this benefit the business, more importantly it delivers better customer outcomes,” he stated. Chris Pollard, chief operating officer at The Exeter, added: “We’re excited to be the first firm in the UK to pilot iPipeline’s AlphaTrust technology, which we believe will totally transform the claims process. In today’s ever-increasing digital world, everyone expects fast and efficient digital solutions, and this technology will help us deliver this for our customers.”