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Six in 10 Brits don’t know how to write or update a will

Half would only write a will if they had a serious health condition

Six in 10 British adults don’t know how to write a will or update an existing one, a survey shows.

The poll by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) found 53% would only write a will if they were diagnosed with a serious health condition.

Others would only write a will if they purchased a property (32%), had a baby (31%) or if a close relative died (30%).

Reasons people put off writing will include not knowing where to start (17%), it makes them feel old (14%), they believe it’s too expensive (13%) or they believe it has to be written with a pen and paper (5%).

Rebecca Cooke, legacy marketing manager at the BHF, said a will is the most powerful document someone will ever write.

“We all harbour wishes for the prosperity of our loved ones after we’re gone. When you write a will, you know that you have provided an anchor of security for the people and causes you care about in the best way you possibly can and a wonderful way to ensure your legacy lives on,” she added.