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iPipeline integrates with Smartr365 mortgage technology platform

Advisers get a digitised and streamlined mortgage and protection solution

Life and pensions technology provider iPipeline has integrated its PreQuo and SolutionBuilder solutions with the Smartr365 mortgage technology platform.

It said this allows for a completely digitised mortgage and protection advice process.

Smartr365 streamlines the process of obtaining a professionally-advised mortgage through an end-to-end secure system, allowing advisers to manage their clients’ portfolios in one place. 
Advisers using Smartr365 can now deliver fully protected mortgages with one data set.
Advisers also have the ability to pass leads to protection specialists.

When client data is entered into Smartr365, PreQuo prompts the client and/or their adviser to view suitable protection cover and costs on screen, including life insurance, critical illness and income protection.

SolutionBuilder then allows the adviser to refine the quote, if required, and then continue through to the application stage.

Paul Yates (pictured), product strategy director at iPipeline, said technology is helping to drive more protection conversations by making the process of advising and writing protection simpler and faster.

Conor Murphy, founder and chief executive of Smartr365, added that advisers would previously have entered their client’s date of birth six times, whereas by integrating Smartr365 with PreQuo and SolutionBuilder, they only need to enter this detail once.

“We are utilising technology to make the process as streamlined as possible, making it easier than ever for advisers to put financial safeguards in place for their clients,” he said.