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Legal & General upgrades critical illness proposition

Merged list of conditions aims to improve understanding of the product

Legal & General has updated its critical illness offering with a simplified list of conditions that aims to make the products easier for advisers and customers to understand.

The new merged list of conditions aims to make it easier for intermediaries to explain to their clients what conditions are covered, allowing for more straightforward protection conversations. 

For example, “coronary artery by-pass grafts” and “open heart surgery” have been combined to “specified heart surgery”.

The insurer has also increased additional payments for Critical Illness Extra (CIx), which is only available via intermediaries, from a maximum of £30,000 or 25% to £30,000 or 50% of the amount of cover, whichever is lower. It has added additional payments for coronary angioplasty, brain abscess drained via craniotomy, primary sclerosing cholangitis and necrotising fasciitis.

Legal & General has extended its children’s cover to include more conditions. If CCIx is purchased with either CI or CIx, cover will be extended to include all conditions covered under Critical Illness Cover, Critical Illness Extra and Children’s Critical Illness Extra. Previously, Children’s Critical Illness Extra has only included conditions listed under Critical Illness and CCIx.

Improvements have been made to definitions around liver failure by removing the drug and alcohol exclusion and major organ transplants which now include artificial devices or animal transplants. Coverage on pulmonary hypertension has also been extended to cover all causes, assuming policyholders meet the specified New York Heart Association classifications. 

Craig Brown (pictured), director of intermediary at Legal & General, said quality over quantity is important.

“These latest changes improve the level of cover we offer to customers, but also reduce the complexity of critical illness products. We think that will make it easier for advisers to have those important protection conversations and explain these products to clients, while also giving consumers much more certainty over the support they have if and when they need it,” he stated.

Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert, said the changes provide the triple benefits of reducing complexity, reducing condition numbers and enhancing the prospect of a successful claim. 

Adam Higgs, head of research at Protection Guru, added: “The addition of a coronary angioplasty definition to the comprehensive proposition is extremely valuable as these procedures become more common place and the widening of their pulmonary hypertension definition to include all forms of pulmonary hypertension – including secondary causes from lung and heart disease – is market leading.”