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More carers experiencing financial difficulties

Carers also report stress and disturbed sleep

There has been an increase in the number of carers who are struggling financially, research shows.

NHS Digital figures reveal 10.6% of carers said caring caused them a lot of financial difficulties, up from the 2016-17 figure of 9.6%.

Just over half (53.4%) of carers reported that their caring caused them no financial difficulties.

The survey found 60% of carers said caring had caused feelings of stress, compared with 58.7% in 2016-17.

Carers also reported that they had been affected by feeling tired (77.8%) and “disturbed sleep” (66%).

People whose caring responsibilities caused them financial difficulties tended to have a lower quality of life score. Of the carers with a quality of life score of 0, 56.5% said that their caring had caused a lot of financial difficulties and 34% said that it had caused some. 

For those with a score of 12, 84% of respondents said that their caring caused them no financial difficulties.

Jane Goodland, corporate affairs director at Quilter, said carers are an unsung workforce who are propping up Britain’s crumbling social care system.

“Money may not buy happiness but the lack of it can certainly lead to unhappiness,” she added. “A financial plan can help and while many of these people may not be in a position to afford fully fledged financial advice we strongly hope the new Money and Pensions Service will be able to provide guidance and support for populations such as these.”