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One in four expect to work at age 70

Almost half expect to be fit and healthy enough to work

More than one in four (27%) UK adults believe they will be working either full or part time at age 70, a poll shows.

The survey of 700 people by Aegon found women (24.5%) were slightly less likely than men (27.5%) to think they will be working at age 70, despite them living longer on average.

Almost half (46%) expect to still be fit and healthy enough to work if they choose to at the age of 70.

A further 50% believe they will be fit and healthy enough to enjoy their retirement fully, 66% believe they will be physically active at age 70 and 63% believe they will be mentally agile at age 70.

Three quarters (74%) were confident they will be financially stable at age 70.

The poll also found nearly one fifth think that they will still be financially supporting family when they are 70.

Steven Cameron, pensions director at Aegon, said although people cannot predict what life will have in store at age 70, considering work, health and caring responsibilities will help to build a realistic picture of what people should prepare for financially.

He added that it is risky to plan on working indefinitely with no fall back plan.

“It’s difficult to predict your future health, particularly into your 70s meaning it’s always best to start making some financial provision for life after work as early as possible,” he said.