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Four in 10 companies don’t measure staff appreciation of benefits

Knowing which benefits add value is crucial, says GRiD

Four in 10 (42%) companies do not measure their employees’ appreciation of benefits, a poll shows.

Group Risk Development (GRiD), which carried out the research, said asking which benefits are most appreciated gives employers insight into which benefits are understood, whether or not they add value for and which ones are most relevant.

Employee benefits can be an important differentiator when competing for talent.

“When employers don’t know which benefits are valued, they don’t know which are going to work harder for them when trying to recruit. The same applies when they’re looking to engage and retain their workforce,” the trade association said.

The survey found that of the companies that do measure staff appreciation, 55% believe their staff value their benefits very much. This drops to 25% among companies that do not measure staff appreciation. 

Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, said the more that companies understand which benefits resonate with their staff, the easier it is for them to make decisions about future benefits.

“When employers don’t measure how much their benefits are valued, they’re only really doing half a job,” she warned. “Offering them is one thing, but it’s crucial that employers know which ones are adding value to their company.”