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COMAR Tunisia becomes member of Maxis Global Benefits Network

Firm offers medical and life cover to multinationals in Tunisia

COMAR Tunisia is the latest local insurance provider to become a member of Maxis Global Benefits Network.

It means Maxis GBN now has a member insurance firm to provide medical, life, accident and disability coverage to multinational clients in Tunisia.

COMAR was founded in 1969 by Tunisian and foreign private investors and is owned by a financial private holding, Al Amen Group. It has a 9.2% market share, making it the second largest company in the Tunisian insurance sector.

COMAR is developing projects to improve its products and services, including an international health insurance offering for multinationals, a third-party administration system to streamline administration and reporting, and an online customer centre giving customers real time information.

In total, the Maxis network has almost 140 local member insurers, covering over 120 countries worldwide, including 15 in Africa.

Hakim Ben Yedder, chief executive of COMAR, said he believes the employee benefits market will continue to grow in Tunisia and that being part of the Maxis network will help it to grow its position and reputation.  Matthew Richards, director of member management for Maxis GBN, added: “Partnering with local insurers like COMAR means we can offer high quality solutions for our multinational clients at a local level and we’re looking forward to working with more insurers and entering other new markets as the network continues to grow.”