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Brits more likely to insure their pets and phones than themselves

Only 17% of workers have or would take out income protection

Brits are twice as likely to insure their pets as they are to take out income protection (IP), a poll shows.

The survey from Cirencester Friendly found 33% of people have or would take out pet insurance in case their pet were to need medical help.

A further 30% of people would take out mobile phone insurance.

These figures are significantly higher than three years ago, when just 21% would insure their pets and 16% their mobile phone.

Despite improving attitudes towards insurance for pets and phones, IP remains less popular. Only 17% of workers either have or would take out this form of insurance.

David Macgregor, commercial director at Cirencester Friendly, said the survey highlights a questionable choice of priorities.

“Falling ill or being too injured to work can be stressful at the best of times and that is without considering the financial implications, which can result in people trying to return to work even if they are not really fit enough to do so – potentially creating even more distress,” he warned.