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British Friendly first to reveal 2019 claims stats

Provider paid 94% of all IP claims last year

Income protection (IP) provider British Friendly has become the first company to reveal its claims statistics for 2019.

Figures from the friendly society show it paid 94% of all IP claims last year.

Musculoskeletal conditions were the main cause of claim, accounting for 44% of total claims.

Other reasons for claims included general illness and injuries (12%), anxiety/depression (12%), infectious diseases (8%) and gastrointestinal (6%).

Since 2005, when British Friendly began recording its claims data, it has paid an annual average of 96% of all IP claims.

Gordon Hull, chief executive officer of British Friendly, said the society’s number one priority is to pay as many claims as possible.

He added that its customers they tend to be those in manual occupations who might be self-employed or working for employers who don’t offer any formal sick pay.

“As such they are looking for shorter deferred periods which means more general illnesses, such as flu, result in claims, even if they are relatively short,” he explained.