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Breast cancer still the biggest cause of CI claims

Aegon paid out £7.6m for breast cancer claims in 2018

Breast cancer continues to be the biggest single cause of critical illness (CI) claims, according to claims data from Aegon.

Cancer as a whole made up 62% of all CI claims Aegon received in 2018, with breast cancer on its own accounting for 30% of these cancer claims.

The protection provider paid out £7.56m for breast cancer claims last year. The youngest claimant was 37 and the oldest was 66. 

Simon Jacobs, head of underwriting and claims strategy at Aegon UK, said in the last 10 years the insurer has provided financial support to more than 750 women diagnosed with breast cancer, paying £61.2m in CI claims to help them through their diagnosis and treatment.

“Fortunately, early detection and better treatment means that survival rates after a diagnosis of breast cancer are improving,” he stated.

Jacobs added that there is also a need for practical and emotional support, which Aegon provides through Policy Plus.

“It can be a huge weight off someone’s shoulders to be able to share any anxieties they might be feeling following a diagnosis or during treatment of breast cancer or any other critical illness, in complete confidence. Sometimes people just don’t feel comfortable speaking to close family and friends for fear of burdening or worrying them,” he stated.