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A fifth ‘wouldn’t survive a month if they lost their job’

Survey suggests Londoners are most at risk

A fifth (18%) of British adults say they would not survive more than a month if they were suddenly to lose their job.

The YouGov poll found 30% would only be able to live off their current savings for up to six months.

A third (33%) of Brits do not regularly save any money, while 7% have no savings whatsoever to fall back on if they lost their job.

Despite knowing they could be caught short on cash, almost one in five (17%) admitted to not planning their personal finances at all.

Jo Harris, managing director at Lloyds Bank, which commissioned the survey, warned that millions are at risk of not having savings to fall back on should they lose their job or have to stop working.

“If you are struggling to save it’s important to keep talking and open up about any money worries with family and friends as this can help with easing financial strains or fears,” she said.

Despite the median salary being 25% higher in the capital than the UK average, people in London admitted to struggling the most with their finances (20%).

Londoners are also most at risk if they became unemployed, with a third (33%) being unable to survive for more than a month on their savings compared to the 18% UK average.