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‘Simple mistakes’ can result in benefits programmes failing

Tech and regular communication help to increase engagement

Some businesses are making simple mistakes that result in employee benefits programmes not being engaged with and ultimately failing, Towergate Health and Protection has warned.

The intermediary said businesses sometimes make incorrect assumptions about what employees want, for instance assuming that older workers are interested in financial benefits such as group life cover and younger employees in perks such as fresh fruit Fridays.

“While having a general overview of the demographics of an organisation is important, relying on age generalisations within this should be avoided,” said Towergate. “Instead, understanding what an employer’s particular demographic would like to see from a benefits programme can often be much more valuable, and help employees relate to the benefits on offer.”

Once the package is in place, some employers are failing to communicate benefits regularly.

Instead of giving employees access to all the information at once, businesses should drip-feed it throughout the year in order to keep benefits alive and encourage use.

Towergate also advised using technology to enhance employee benefits and improve uptake.

“Technology enables employees to utilise benefits on their terms, which could be during a work commute or downtime at the weekend, giving them flexibility to engage with benefits when they want to,” it said. “Making total reward statements available online as well can create a simple visual that details all benefits employees are entitled to – on top of their salary – making it an important engagement and retention tool.”