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Vitality Specialist Finder powered by Doctify


Information, review and search facility.Some clients will still prefer to leave such choices to their GP.
That enables online booking too.Does not roll out fully until later this year.
No extra cost for the service.Consultant reviews are not a perfect system – just as with any type of consumer review, as we know every time we use Trip Adviser.

The Product

VitalityHealth has launched this service in partnership with Doctify, the UK’s leading independent online review and booking platform for medical consultants.

The first health insurer to partner with Doctify, the insurer has used its platform to develop ‘Vitality Specialist Finder powered by Doctify’, a website that allows members to search for doctors by speciality, rating and location. Patients can also book appointments on the site 24/7, as well as publicly rate and review the doctors – a UK first it says.

The new service is currently being rolled out to members through VitalityHealth’s musculoskeletal (MSK) team and will fully launch with direct member access to clinicians later this year. Key aspects of the service include:

  • It’s a collaboration between one of the UK’s most promising healthtech companies and a prominent insurer in the UK.
  • The first tool to combine direct appointment booking requests, consultant reviews and feedback, plus key consultant information.
  • Instant member access to a list of consultants recognised by VitalityHealth.
  • Promotion of patient choice across a range of members’ hospital lists and across the UK.

What they say

Clinical operations director Dr Ali Hasan said: “We know that finding the right consultant can sometimes be very confusing for members. And our range of options – our clinician and healthcare panels, our specialist finder, and our award-winning healthcare associates – help make the journey much easier. Vitality Specialist Finder will provide faster, better access to care for patients as well as create more transparency. Our aim is to use this platform to enhance the relationship between patients and health specialists and to make it easier for members to receive the best quality treatment and care.”

What we say

Once, getting specialist healthcare treatment meant seeing whoever your GP recommended. Today consumers get more choice – even through the NHS.

The problem is that more choice is most useful only where you have the knowledge to make choosing a better option.

The Doctify service looks to fit that need by offering search by speciality, rating and location. Once selected, the patient can then book an appointment online.

The service is sensibly being rolled out, starting with musculoskeletal treatment, and will fully launch later this year. There are no extra costs, so it looks to be a win/win situation but, as with all such services, the proof will be how well it works in practice.