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‘MyHealth France’ by APRIL International Care


Meets the needs of expats in France both pre and post-Brexit.The policy stops if you are no longer an expat in France and mainly only covers France (albeit it covers 90 days a year outside France too).
Choice of cover options.In effect the plan is a top-up plan, topping up what the state will pay.
No medical questions and pre-existing conditions are covered.The plan may only be cancelled at each annual renewal date, with two months’ notice.

The Product

MyHealth France is an iPMI policy designed to meet the needs of expatriates living in France, both pre and post Brexit.

For expatriates who are no longer covered by the health system in their country of origin, the policy can be used to meet top up expenses, which typically are not covered by the basic French social security system. These can include items such as the cost of a private room in hospitals and optical and dental services. The policy offers a modular structure with five levels of cover, no age limit applies and no restrictions apply for pre-existing conditions.

The basic cover level – Level 1, the only plan that does not meet the criteria for state-approved plans – just covers hospitalisation, with benefits progressively increasing to Level 5, which also covers outpatient care (which includes GP consultations) and dental and optical benefits. Additional benefits include devices, orthopaedics and hearing aids plus unforeseen medical expenses incurred abroad and reimbursed by the statutory scheme.

The policy is administered in English and includes a direct settlement network for medical expenses of 156,000 healthcare professionals within France when treatment is required. Customers get a direct billing card which is accepted by more than 150,000 healthcare professionals.

Policies are taken out on an individual basis, with premiums set according to age. The amount of medical costs reimbursed depends upon the level of cover taken and is paid after any French social security contribution.

MyHealth France also offers policyholders up to 90 days of temporary cover if they travel outside France, for example, to visit their country of origin.

What They Say

UK managing director Joe Thomas said: "This new policy will give considerable comfort and reassurance to UK and other nationals living in France, whilst Brexit negotiations continue. Healthcare insurance and healthcare costs in general have emerged as a major concern for all foreign nationals living in France, particularly UK nationals, so this solution should provide a clear way forward."

What We Say

"APRIL says France is currently home to 1.3 million expatriates of all nationalities, a figure expected to rise to 1.5 million within the next two years. UK nationals make up 150,000 of this group and are the largest single foreign nationality resident in the country.

"For Brits in France, the ongoing Brexit discussions are more than of academic interest and so a plan such as this, which is designed to work pre and post Brexit, has considerable appeal. What will also appeal is that there are no medical questions and pre-existing conditions are covered.

"Downsides include cover stopping if you are no longer an expat in France and cover is tailored for France with limited cover outside France. One elephant in the room issue is that April pulled out of UK PMI last year. However, this plan is from sister company April International Care and the two markets are quite different. That said, some brokers will want reassurance from April that is in this market for the long haul."