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‘Global Travel Protection’ by Generali Employee Benefits Network


One stop cover for employers.Relatively limited market for most brokers.
Global assistance as well as conventional PA and travel cover.Additional cost.
Efficient, flexible and helps employers fulfil their duty of care.Designed for larger rather than smaller businesses.

The Product

Generali Employee Benefits Network’s new plan is aimed at companies with 250+ employees. Within a flexible package, it offers accidental death benefit, permanent disability benefit and multinational global assistance on a 24/7 basis. Cover also includes loss of luggage and personal effects, lost or stolen ID cards or travel documents and personal liability cover.

Generali Employee Benefits Network says as an integral part of a benefits package, it will also help employers fulfil their duty of care responsibilities, while also supporting recruitment and retention. Having one flat, annual premium results in minimal admin and accounting too, the insurer says.

What They Say

Karoliina Gutaj, head of strategy and marketing, Generali Employee Benefits Network, said: “Too many employers risk leaving employee duty of care to chance where DIY travel and lack of personal injury and accident cover is concerned. While profits and losses are closely tracked for things like materials and payroll, travel and accident are often left exposed. This could cost businesses financially and reputationally, impacting employee wellbeing, and having a knock-on effect on recruitment and retention. "The fact that all of our travel, accident and assistance solutions are under one roof brings cost efficiencies and flexibility to business.”

What We Say

"Firms have a responsibility to look after staff travelling on their behalf, and Generali Employee Benefits Network's new plan offers a one stop product to cover both conventional travel insurance and personal accident cover. The global assistance services though may be even more valuable, and will give comfort to employees as well as to the employer. "The end result should be cost efficiency and flexibility for the employer and access to expert services and help (on travel, medical and security issues) when needed. "The market is however relatively limited for most brokers (although corporate travel spending is expected to rise 7.1% this year and to $1.7 trillion a year by 2022, according to the GBTA BTI Annual Global Report & Forecast)."