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Foundation by AXA Global Healthcare


Low cost iPMI cover.iPMI premiums tend to rise faster than inflation.
Still offers a good range of benefits.May leave claimants with shortfalls if they need to claim.
Can be used standalone or to supplement a local health plan. Additional options can lead to additional buying complexity.

The Product

AXA Global Healthcare has expanded its international health insurance offering by launching a new ‘Foundation’ cover level. Now available to expats and travellers of all ages, it is designed to offer essential cover to those who want the reassurance of having fundamental medical cover in place while they are living abroad.

A budget-friendly option, Foundation offers personal customers an essential level of cover, such as inpatient treatment, cancer treatment and emergency evacuation and repatriation. It may also be a preferable choice for those who are looking to supplement an existing local health plan, giving customers whose home countries may lack the facilities required to undergo certain treatments the option to choose a facility abroad.

Within an overall policy limit of £100,000/$160,000/€125,000 per person, per policy year, Foundation offers:

* Cover for hospital charges, including charges for psychiatric treatment (up to 100 days in a member’s lifetime), accommodation and diagnostic tests.

* Cover for surgeon, anaesthetist and physician charges as an inpatient.

* Cover for cancer treatment, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

* Cover for CT, MRI and PET scans.

* Cover for emergency or medically necessary ambulance transport.

* Emergency evacuation or repatriation.

Customers can also choose to add cover for outpatient treatment, including a virtual doctor service. The upgrade includes:

* Up to £2,500/$4,000/€3,200 in total for:

> Medical practitioner fees.

> Psychiatric treatment.

> Diagnostic tests.

> Physiotherapy treatment.

* Up to £100/$160/€125 for vaccinations and their administration.

* Up to £300/$480/€380 for complementary practitioner fees (out of combined limit).

* Up to £100/$160/€125 for out-patient drugs and dressings.

* Access to a virtual doctor service for consultations over the phone and via video conference.

With the launch of the Foundation cover level, AXA – Global Healthcare’s global product suite for personal customers now includes Foundation, Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige and Prestige Plus.

What They Say

Global head of sales and marketing, Kevin Melton, said: "Foundation has been launched as part of our product development programme, with the intention of complementing the existing four cover levels of our global health plan. "We know that for some members, extensive cover, which supports most medical eventualities, isn’t always required from day one. That’s why we are introducing a more budget-friendly plan, offering essential cover while still providing day-and-night access to our global service team, a personal online account and our worldwide network of medical providers."

What We Say

"International PMI is a fast expanding market, not least because it’s estimated there are now an estimated 97 million expats eligible for this type of cover. "However, iPMI can be expensive and premiums tend to rise faster than inflation, so the result is many people don’t take out cover when they should. "AXA GH’s solution is its new Foundation plan, which offers budget but still extensive cover. As well as being suitable as standalone cover, it can also be used to supplement local medical cover too. "Foundation won’t be the solution for every expat’s needs (AXA GH has other plans that can provide that) but it offers an alternative and that may also help further expand the market."