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Pays for treatment on specified major critical illnesses.Treatment is outside the UK.
Pays up to £1m for treatment.Does not replace the need for PMI or CI.
A good employee benefit to have on top of CI and PMI.A new concept that won’t appeal to all.

The Product

GLOBALCOVER fits in the space between conventional critical illness insurance (CI) and private medical insurance (PMI). Aimed at UK-based employers, it costs from £8.33 a month for each employee covered.

The plan covers cancer treatment, heart surgery, neurosurgery, and live-organ transplants.

If an employee is diagnosed with one of the critical conditions covered, Medigo arranges every step of the patient’s treatment, including travel and accommodation for them and a companion. A personal assistant helps the  patient to choose a medical provider, compare treatment costs, book medical treatment, arrange travel and accommodation and also arrange for any necessary medical record translation or interpretation. The plan does not cover the diagnosis but instead is a post-diagnosis care plan. It does however offer a second medical opinion service.

Then plan covers treatment costs up to £1m.

That treatment will be outside the UK with what Medigo says is expert care from a global network in 35 countries outside the UK. ,

So far as exclusions are concerned, GLOBALCOVER excludes any illness or conditions which were diagnosed, treated, or showed related medically documented symptoms in the ten years prior to the start date or relevant inclusion date for each insured person.

Minimum scheme size is five employees.

The company

Germany-based Medigo aims to help people navigate the global healthcare system. It has launched two global healthcare products for companies based in the UK – GLOBALCOVER is for major illness treatment and GLOBALCARE is for second medical opinions and medical concierge. This review focuses on GLOBALCOVER.

What they say

Bruce Eaton, managing director (UK), Medigo

Bruce Eaton, managing director, UK, said: “These products are great for employers who are looking for smart ways to make their health benefits relevant.”



What we say

Andy Couchman, Technical Editor, Health Insurance & Protection

“Medigo says the plan focuses on a service-based delivery, looking after customers from the day of diagnosis to the last day of treatment and beyond.

“It is not a complete alternative to existing PMI (which covers essentially all acute conditions treated in the UK) or to CI (which pays a cash lump sum on diagnosis of a much larger number of conditions). However, for the right company, it could be a useful supplement to either – especially if cancer-excluded PMI cover is held by the employer.

“We have not seen the T&Cs and the website includes little hard detail but the plan appears to adopt quite a different approach to conditions such as cancer. Its starting point is that the best treatment is likely to be outside the UK and the plan will work with the patient to get them the best treatment available. That’s a laudable aim, although some people will argue that the UK has upped its game in areas such as cancer care in recent years and there will be some too who do not want to travel outside the UK for treatment.

“It’s certainly different, but we’re not sure how big the potential market will be. For those who want this on top of CI and PMI cover though it would look to be a valuable employee benefit.”