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Virgin Pulse expands to support members in 190 countries

Members have access to wellness coaching and a multilingual EAP

Virgin Pulse, a provider of health and wellbeing software, services and solutions, has expanded and enhanced its global capabilities to support members in more than 190 countries.

The company has formed a partnership with Workplace Options, an employee support and work-life services provider, which enables members to engage in wellness and lifestyle improvement coaching, including weight management, nutrition, tobacco cessation, physical activity, and stress management. 

Clients will also have access to a multilingual employee assistance programme (EAP), allowing them to further localise the wellbeing experience for their global employees.

David Osborne, chief executive of Virgin Pulse, claimed the provider’s ability to engage members in their language and in culturally relevant ways is the key to helping them build and sustain healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic conditions.

He added that nearly 70% of members engage with the Virgin Pulse platform at least 21 days every month.

In addition to its partnership with Workplace Options, Virgin Pulse has launched a global health risk assessment with NCQA-certified content and Virgin Pulse Journeys, a behaviour change framework that encourages members to build healthier habits one step at a time.

The company has enhanced its global rewards structure, adding support for additional currencies and the ability for clients to launch country-specific stores with locally relevant merchandise.

As part it its recent content expansion, Virgin Pulse introduced new topics such as diversity and sustainability for clients looking to increase literacy in broader workplace wellbeing areas. This content is available to all clients in 20 languages.

As Virgin Pulse continues to grow its global partners, clients will have the ability to integrate programmes and solutions from a range of wellbeing providers including Kaia Health, Lifespeak, Allen Carr and GymPass.

Virgin Pulse is also launching Virgin Pulse GO in May 2020. This is a biannual event that includes a pre- and post-event health assessment, a nine-week intra-company challenge, as well as the ability to launch individual, peer-to-peer challenges and healthy habit challenges.