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Tokyo named the best ‘hospital city’ in the world

Study shows UK falls short on quality of care
Tokyo, Japan City Skyline

Tokyo has been named the best hospital city in the world, based on factors such as medical workforce, education, quality of care, satisfaction, treatment efficiency and citizen accessibility.

Japan’s capital city received the highest overall quality of care score in the index compiled by digital healthcare provider Medbelle.

London came third in the index of 100 cities, after Boston in the US. Paris and Seoul made up the rest of the top five.

The study used GIS Mapping technology to allocate UK healthcare data points on a city-by-city basis within an NHS trust for the first time.

The figures revealed that Manchester has the highest number of mental health specialists per capita, while Sheffield has the highest number of nurses per capita. On the other side of the coin, Oxford has the lowest number of hospital beds per capita, and Bedford has the lowest number of surgeons per capita.

“Despite having some of the top ranking hospitals and medical universities in the world, the UK still falls short on quality of care compared to other developed nations,” said Daniel Kolb, co-founder and managing director at Medbelle.