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Partner Content (Aetna): Innovation

We don’t think it’s good enough for health care insurers to just carry on like we’ve always done.

Health care is changing. We need to change, too.

We’re using new technology to make life easier for everybody. But it’s not just about automation or using nifty systems to save time – because anybody can pick up something new and run with it.

We’re thinking about the way we put it all together, making sure we’re giving our members the most connected experience possible, while never losing our human touch.

Meaning that wherever they are in the world, we’re always ready to help members if they need us.

From our apps to look after daily well-being, to “doctors in your pocket” and speedy on-boarding systems which save everybody time, the only question left is: “what’s next?”

Keeping health care on track

As people around the world become more tech savvy, we can’t expect them to follow our way of doing things. Even if they have more income than most, many modern workers are very time poor. We’re making sure we fit our work around their busy daily lives, rather than the other way around.

Our vHealth app lets members ask doctors for advice over a phone or video call and get prescriptions and referrals without having to leave their home or office. We’re currently up and running in India, and we’ll roll it out soon in the Middle East and other markets.

Meanwhile, our secure member portal Health Hub gives them healthy tips on demand, and our myStrength app is there to provide mental health support to keep them on the straight and narrow. But if they ever need a little extra help, we’ll be there for them.

Why is everyday health care so important to us?

We think we’ve got a duty to keep our members safe and well in the long run. Not just pay claims if something goes wrong. And we need brokers’ help to bring the issue home to their clients.

By making their clients know about everything offered, we’re able to keep costs down, which keeps premiums down. This means happier clients.

In short, everybody wins.

We believe in partnerships, not just products

We know that the more we do today to drive healthy outcomes, the healthier our members will be in the long term.

And we’re working hard to create new ways of supporting our members every day, as well as the brokers who join the dots between employers, members and Aetna International.

Because we believe we’re all in this together.