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Partner Content (Aetna): Experience

Everybody wants to do the right thing.

We’ve made it a key part of our business.

Because we believe making sure our members are safe and well every day (not just stepping in when things go wrong) is part of our job, not an added extra.

Finding the right way forward

There’s never one single answer to any question.

By taking a careful look at what’s going on and talking to our members, their doctors and anyone else involved, we can be sure we’re heading down the right path.

We’ll go out of our way to find that route if we need to. In the past, we’ve used donkeys for mountain rescue when a helicopter wouldn’t do, and made our voice heard in difficult cases where we wanted to see employers do right by their employees.

And in cases at risk of spiralling out of control, we call on our crisis response partners to provide on-the-ground support to directly protect our members.

Thinking differently

Some expats find it harder than others to adjust to new surroundings—especially if they need to move between several different countries in a short space of time.

We’ll help prepare them for every change as much as we can, but we know it’s not always easy—with their friends and families thousands of miles away and hours ahead or behind them, our expat members don’t have all their normal networks of support.

We step in to fill the gap. Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) helps them settle in, answering questions about finances and taxes, childcare, elder care and much more.

For members who suffer from poor mental health, whether at home or abroad, we use the EAP to match them with the right support (like a friendly voice to talk to, or counselling) at the right time.

We believe in partnerships, not just products

With a 97 percent satisfaction rate for treatment and health care overseas, we’ve laid a strong foundation. But we’re determined to build on and improve that figure, because we’re not done yet.

Anyone can pay medical bills. We stay with our members the whole way.

Because we believe in lifelong partnerships.

Find out how Aetna International’s changing the way it thinks about health care.