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Now Health forms partnership with travel assistance provider

Members will get support before and during travel and in an emergency

International private medical insurer Now Health International has formed a partnership with travel assistance company Assist America.

Members of Now Health’s WorldCare plans will be able to access a range of travel assistance services, including support before and during their travel as well as in an emergency.

Pre-trip travel information includes advice on country visa requirements, vaccination recommendations and other important security information.

When travelling, customers will have support to locate lost luggage, replace lost travel documents and receive referrals to locally-based language interpreters and legal counsel.

During a medical emergency overseas, in addition to the health treatment covered by Now Health International’s plans, members will also be able to receive wider support for them and their family.

If a member travelling alone outside of their country of residence needs to be hospitalised for more than five days, they will be entitled to a compassionate visit from a friend or family member.

In the event that a medical emergency abroad leaves a member’s children unattended, Now Health International will also be able to arrange care or transportation home.

Assist America will also provide Now Health International with back-end support for the medical evacuation and repatriation benefits included in its plans. This aims to drive operational efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

Zahir Sharif, managing director at Now Health International, said the partnership forms part of the insurer’s ongoing work to deliver added value to members and demonstrate its commitment to their overall health and wellbeing.

“We know that many of our members are frequent flyers and we wanted to provide them with reassurance that we are there to support them both at home and abroad,” he added.

Brian Mulligan, Assist America’s chief executive and president, said: “The goal of both of our organisations – to ensure that members receive the best care possible whenever and wherever they need it – is very much aligned.”