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MAXIS GBN launches report to help cut the cost of benefits programmes

Report shows how multinationals can reduce health risks

MAXIS Global Benefits Network, the international employee benefits network, has launched a report for multinationals that it claims can improve the impact of employee health and wellness initiatives and mitigate the cost drivers of medical claims and employee benefits programmes.

The Population Health and Risk Stratification report allows multinationals to categorise employees and their dependents by health risk to better understand management practices and initiate programmes that help to prevent chronic diseases, stabilise current chronic conditions, and prevent an acceleration to higher-risk categories and higher associated costs.

There is a section focused on diabetes, including a severity index, patient comorbidity and inpatient admission reporting.

Leena Johns, head of health and wellness at MAXIS Global Benefits Network, said health insurance costs continue to remain the second-largest expense beyond payroll for many employers and is linked directly to employee health.

“An organisation that succeeds in moving a population from a high-risk category to a moderate-risk category can expect reduced cost levels,” she stated.

The report uses data based on a client’s global population, country by country, and shows the nature, type and magnitude of the health problem and the type of employee engagement required to improve this.

“Looking ahead, we will build on this and offer further unique data and reporting services for multinationals,” Johns added.