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Map identifies security and medical risk hotspots for 2020

Extra precautions must be taken when sending employees to certain regions

Healix International, the travel risk management and international medical and security assistance provider, has plotted the hotspots for business travel in 2020.

The new Medical and Security Risk Map is designed to provide employers with an easy reference guide to the areas of the world where extra planning and precautions should be taken when sending employees to work.

The map provides separate ratings for security and medical risks. 
“There are very few barriers these days to global business – and that means business people are travelling to more locations than ever,” said Andrew Devereux, associate analyst at Healix International. “But alongside the opportunities that come with our globalised economy comes a need to apply ever more diligence to risk management for employees working abroad.”

Some parts of the world have been identified as presenting an extreme risk – where the security environment is hostile and healthcare facilities are very limited.  Other places have a moderate or high security or medical risk. Devereux said some of these locations might be assumed to be safe, but health services could be limited compared to Western European expectations or the security situation is unstable.