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Integra Global launches telehealth service in UAE

Health at Hand is the first telemedicine provider licensed by the DHA

Integra Global, a provider of international health insurance plans, is introducing a telehealth service into all of its corporate and individual plans in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Together with SALAMA, the insurer of its plans in the UAE, Integra Global has selected Health at Hand as its partner, the first telemedicine provider licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

All existing and new members will have access to the new telehealth app at no additional cost.

The service, which is expected to be launched in July, will provide members with secure access to a DHA-accredited doctor via mobile video consultation.

The telehealth service also includes the issue of e-referrals, e-prescriptions and delivery of medication.

Telehealth consultations will not be subject to co-payment.

Philip Catterton, managing director at Integra Global, said the new service allows members to access a doctor immediately, wherever they are, saving them travel time and cost.

“We believe video consultations are going to change the future of how we access medical advice worldwide,” he stated. “We’re very excited about our partnership with Health at Hand and we’re extremely proud to be one of the first health insurance providers offering this kind of service in the UAE.”