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Collinson and TRIP Group launch duty of care partnership

Tie-up aims to help companies protect international assignees and business travellers

Collinson, a provider of medical, security and travel risk management services, has partnered with the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group to help organisations fulfil their duty of care to travelling employees.

Collinson will share its medical and security expertise through the TRIP Group’s learning forums for its travel risk management (TRM) community. Comprising over 150 member organisations, the community includes multinational and corporates, NGOs, university and higher education institutions, government departments and companies within the travel and tourism industry.

The TRIP Group’s programme informs and educates members through regular masterclasses and training courses. It aims to help them to make decisions relating to travel risk management services and how they care for and protect international assignees and business travellers.

In addition, members will have regular access to Collinson’s TRM experts.

Scott Sunderman (pictured), head of assistance at Collinson, said the company is looking to add a new dimension to TRIP Group’s forums by sharing the unique insight it has gained into the issues faced by global travellers and the services available to support them.

Lloyd Figgins, chairman of the TRIP Group, added: “Through our partnership with Collinson, we are changing the landscape of travel risk management and making our focus the safety of travellers, while ensuring those charged with travel safety within their organisations have access to the resources and insight they need to help ensure that they are best able to protect their travellers in line with their budgets.”

In addition to four annual meetings and masterclasses, Collinson and the TRIP Group will be providing specific travel risk management training courses. They will include advanced first aid for remote environments, travel safety and security training, as well as more specialist subjects, such as dealing with psychological trauma, cyber security for travellers, and kidnap awareness and avoidance training.