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APRIL International Care launches telehealth service

Members can request general medical advice or a second opinion

APRIL International Care, a provider of international health insurance solutions, has launched a telehealth service via its app. 

Through a partnership with Teladoc Health, policyholders can now request a phone consultation with a qualified medical practitioner via the APRIL Easy Claim app.

The insurer is rolling out the service first to all new and renewing members in Singapore and Hong Kong, then in stages across Asia.

Once the app is downloaded, customers will be able to seek general medical advice or a second medical opinion in 12 different languages.

App users select the physician “call back” option, add key details such as preferred language, time zone and either their symptoms or their medical question, and shortly afterwards the physician calls the patient.

Romain Di Meglio, regional chief executive of Asia, said all private healthcare policyholders will get access to the service, irrespective of the level of cover or insurance policy module they hold.

“This latest launch is another tangible example of our stated aim to adapt to the evolution of healthcare and go beyond the pure administrative provision of insurance,” he added.

The Easy Claim app, launched in 2017 in Asia, also lets members submit medical claims, send pre-approval requests for medical treatment, access their insurance eCard, and search and locate medical practitioners.

“We believe this new service has the potential to radically improve some of our policyholders’ lives. You can now have fast, simple and fully digital access to a qualified physician, something that can bring real peace of mind and reduce stress,” said Di Meglio.