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VitalityHealth enhances cancer cover

Eligible inpatient and outpatient costs will be covered in full

VitalityHealth has enhanced its cancer cover at no extra cost for all new and existing members.

The insurer has combined its standard and upgrade cancer cover options into a comprehensive proposition that will now become standard for all new and existing plans.

This means that once diagnosed with cancer, the provider will cover all of an individual’s eligible inpatient and outpatient costs in full, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological, hormone and bisphosphonate therapies, cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery, stem cell therapy and follow-up consultations.

VitalityHealth is also offering discounts on targeted cancer screenings, which are tests to estimate an individual’s lifetime risk of breast cancer, as well as screening and risk assessments for cervical and bowel cancer.

Although cervical cancer mortality rates have decreased by up to 70% since the introduction of the NHS’ national screening programme in 1988, attendance has fallen over the last 10 years and attendance is now at a 19-year low.

In addition, breast screening uptake in the UK has fallen slightly over the past eight to nine years, while over half of bowel cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage.

Brian Walters, principal of private medical insurance broker Regency Health, said early detection is key for cancer survival and it makes sense that Vitality has added discounted screenings to what is fast becoming a complete integrated healthcare offering.

“It’s also noteworthy that Vitality members who have had cancer and were stuck on the lower tier of cancer cover will be automatically upgraded from renewal. This is a principled move from Vitality and one that should be commended,” he stated. 

Dr Keith Klintworth, deputy chief executive at VitalityHealth, claimed the latest enhancements ensure its care package is truly end-to-end.

“Our goal is to ensure that all our members have access to best-in-class cancer cover while keeping our commitment to prevention, detection and early intervention,” he added.