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Vitality’s partnership with Waitrose goes live

Members can earn discounts on the supermarket’s Good Health range

Vitality members can now receive discounts of up to 40% when they buy healthy food at Waitrose.

The long-term partnership between Waitrose and Vitality went live on 3 February.

VitalityHealth and VitalityLife members who have a registered myWaitrose card can access cashback of up to 25% – or up to 40% for members with both life and health insurance – on the supermarket’s Good Health food range. 

The amount of cashback available will directly correlate with the number of physical activity points members have earned by engaging in the Vitality Programme.

Nearly 2,000 Good Health products are included in the scheme, which members can benefit from online and in store.

Neville Koopowitz, chief executive at Vitality, said that by offering richer benefits to members who hold multiple Vitality products, the insurer can deliver even more value to those who are physically active.

Martin George, Waitrose & Partners’ marketing director, added: “We’re passionate about helping our customers lead happy, healthy lives, and this arrangement with Vitality is the perfect partnership.”