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Travel insurance customers failing to declare mental health conditions

A third don’t think mental health should impact premiums

Travel insurance customers are putting themselves at financial risk by failing to declare their mental health conditions, AllClear Travel has warned.

A survey from the specialist medical travel insurance provider found 35% of customers did not know mental health conditions needed to be declared.

Of those who had mental health-related conditions, 14% stated that they did not declare them when last buying travel insurance.

* 34% of people feel that mental health should not
be a factor that impacts the cost of buying travel insurance
* 35% of people don’t know that mental health

conditions need to be declared when buying travel insurance

Source: AllClear Travel

The survey found significant variation according to age: 21% of 51 to 60 year-olds admitted to not declaring mental health on their travel insurance whereas 100% of younger travellers who had related conditions declared them.

More than a third (34%) of all respondents felt that mental health should not be a factor that impacts the cost of buying travel insurance.   

Chris Rolland, AllClear’s chief executive, said the travel insurance industry needs to do more to extinguish the taboos around mental health.

“We regularly see the dangers of travelling under-insured, where consumers are forced to foot the bill for medical treatment abroad or cancellation costs, because they’ve not declared their full medical history. Claims can easily reach tens of thousands of pounds,” he warned.