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The London Clinic partners with Shanghai International Medical Center

UK clinicians will deliver services to Chinese nationals in China

The London Clinic, the UK’s largest independent private hospital, has formed a partnership with Shanghai International Medical Center (SIMC) to deliver clinical services to Chinese nationals in China.

It is the first clinical service agreement between a Chinese and UK hospital where UK clinicians will be able to provide consultations, surgical intervention and knowledge transfer for the advancement of patient care in China.

The initial area for cooperation will be in urology, gynaecology and oncology. Using video links for initial clinical assessments and multi-disciplinary teams, UK doctors will work under licence with their Chinese counterparts to diagnose and deliver solutions for SIMC’s Chinese-based patients.

As the partnership develops, the range of services will expand to other clinical activities as well as doctor and nurse training programmes.

Al Russell, The London Clinic’s chief executive, said the new relationship will keep the UK hospital at the forefront of patient care and support its aim of advancing healthcare.

Mr YU, executive director and CEO of SIMC, said: “With demand for healthcare in China growing so fast, ensuring we have committed partners to deliver world leading and value-based medical care from the UK means we will be able to match this demand.”

SIMC has over 2,000 consultants from Shanghai’s top public hospitals, 500 beds, 118 outpatient consulting rooms, 15 operating rooms and 10 LDR units. It also works with a wide range of domestic and international insurance companies.