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The Health Insurance Group receives Mind Silver award

Award demonstrates commitment to promoting mental wellbeing

The Health Insurance Group has achieved a Silver award in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards 2018/2019.

The healthcare intermediary was one of 105 organisations to take part in the charity’s third annual Workplace Wellbeing Index, which benchmarks companies in terms of their policies and practices.

The company has been awarded Silver, which recognises the business as making demonstrable achievements in promoting staff mental health, taking action across a number of key areas deemed critical by the charity, and demonstrating progress and impact over time. 

Brett Hill (pictured), managing director at The Health Insurance Group, said the broker advises clients on mental health and wellbeing initiatives and wanted to make sure its own house was in order too.

“Our clients really value our first-hand experience of supporting staff in practice,” he stated.

Mind ran mental health training for 17 managers and their team leaders in March 2018.

Following this, the company worked with employees who wanted to share their own mental health journeys with others. Focus groups were then run to see how to do more, and from this a number of workshops have been run throughout the company, covering a range of health and wellbeing topics including stress.

A Wellbeing Ethos has also been developed, publicising the company’s commitment to supporting mental health.