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Telemedicine provider Zava to launch into UK healthcare system

Provider connects patients with doctors online

Zava, a digital healthcare and telemedicine provider, is launching into statutory healthcare systems in the UK, Germany and France after raising $32m from investors.

Zava connects patients with a doctor in minutes online. Patient doctor interactions are built on clinical questionnaires, which Zava claims save doctor and patient time while upholding quality and safety

The provider said its mission is to build healthcare that is “accessible, dependable and a fraction of today’s cost”.

Since 2011, Zava has provided three million paid consultations across six markets in Europe, of which one million were in 2018.

David Meinertz, Zava’s co-founder and chief executive, said: “In a world of an ageing population and rising costs, healthcare systems are at a breaking point. Barriers are put in people’s way and stop them getting the support they need. Zava exists to break down these barriers – costs, access and information.”

Zava will use the investment to increase its team, expand its business in existing markets and grow pan-European and then globally.