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Swiss women have the longest life expectancy

Emily Perryman

Swiss women have the longest life expectancy, according to a review of 15 major countries.

Females living in Switzerland can expect to live for 79.03 years, compared with 76.43 years in the UK, which came sixth in the rankings.

The research from the University of Pennsylvania shows Australia tops the charts for male life expectancy at 74.1 years, compared with 72.33 years for UK males.

Australian women ranked second at 78.9 years, with Norway coming in at third place at an average of 78.61 years.

Italy came bottom for women, with females living until they are 72.14 on average.

Men in the European countries of Sweden and Switzerland topped the chart in second (74.02 years) and third place (73.7 years).

Males from Portugal only have a life expectancy of 64.77 years, placing them last out of the 15 countries, the Daily Mail reports.

Dr Collin Payne, Australian National University, who co-led the study, said the male results have a lot to do with long-term stability and the fact Australia has had a high standard of living for a really long time. 

The estimated life expectancies in the study are lower than official figures for the UK. Males in the UK live an average of 79.2 years while it is 82.9 years for females, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

This is because the researchers used a method called cohort life expectancy, which compares people who were born in the same year and have lived through similar conditions.