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Population health management market to treble in 10 years

Market is an opportunity for governments, insurers and healthcare providers

The global population health management market is expected to treble in value during the 10 years to 2025, a report states.

Population health management aims to improve the health of an entire population through data-driven planning and delivery of proactive care.

In the NHS, it is an emerging technique for local health and care partnerships to design new models of care and deliver improvements in health and wellbeing by using collective resources.

The Population Health Management global market report, published by LaingBuisson in association with McGrigor Group, suggests the global market will grow by around 12% a year to reach a value of US$110bn by 2025.

The report explains how population health management can provide real return and value on investment and highlights the best practices within population health globally to date.

James McGrigor, report author and managing director of McGrigor Group, said the opportunity presented by the market is tremendous as governments, corporates, health and life insurers and re-insurers and healthcare providers around the world grapple with rising demand for healthcare while trying to contain costs.

“While governments have come rather later to the party than corporates, providers and insurers, their engagement will be a key driver for growth,” he stated. “As country-wide solutions are sought, it will be important to keep in mind the lessons of earlier work, in particular that buy in from individuals and getting programme design right are key. The contribution of well managed data and technology will underpin this.”