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Safety Investigations Body remit ‘must include private healthcare’

New body currently only covers NHS commissioned services

The NHS Partners Network, which represents independent healthcare providers, has called for the forthcoming Health Service Safety Investigation Body (HSSIB) to be given powers to investigate all patient safety incidents, including those involving privately-funded patients.

The draft Health Service Safety Investigations Bill states that the proposed HSSIB will cover NHS commissioned services in England.

The NHS Partners Network is calling for its remit to be extended to privately-funded services in the independent sector and NHS Private Patient Units, in addition to services commissioned by the NHS.

Dr Howard Freeman, clinical director of the NHS Partners Network, said safety is the number one priority for the independent healthcare sector and that the HSSIB will be critically important in driving up safety standards. 

“This is why NHSPN believes it is so important that the government commits the new HSSIB to covering privately funded as well as NHS-funded care. This will enable the learning and best practice from any safety investigations to be shared on a system-wide basis to ensure that patients receive the safest possible care, regardless of whether they are an NHS or private patient,” he stated.