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Most Brits think PMI is twice as expensive as it is

A third have no idea how much it costs

Most British adults believe private medical insurance (PMI) costs twice as much as it actually does, a poll shows.

The survey of 2,000 adults by ActiveQuote, the health and protection comparison website, found people think the average price of a PMI policy for a family of four is £78.10, whereas it actually starts from £40 per month. 

Nearly three quarters (73%) believe taking out a PMI policy would be too expensive.

However, 37% have little or no knowledge whatsoever of the costs involved. 

Mark Todd, PMI team leader at ActiveQuote, said the fact that people still think private healthcare is a privilege afforded only by the rich is extremely worrying. 

“At a time when healthcare in general is under growing pressure and is an increasingly significant issue across the UK – and the importance of using PMI as a safeguarding measure has in many ways never been greater – that a clear majority of people still have little or no idea of the relatively affordable products available to them is a huge concern,” he argued.

Todd said the industry needs to work hard to inform and educate the public about the availability and affordability of PMI.