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GPs call for cap on number of patients

Proposal could lead to lengthier waits for sick people

GPs have called for a cap on the number of patients they see each day.

In Sweden GPs see just 13 patients daily, but UK medics said they were often expected to have up to 70 consultations a day.

Dr Satash Narang, from Gwent and South Powys division, said GPs would “go insane, quit and become insolvent” if limits were not introduced.

“For the sake of quality and safety of patient care and the sanity of its troops, we urge the British Medical Association to take a fresh approach by defining and agreeing what is a safe workload,” he said.

But Joyce Robins, from Patient Concern, told the Telegraph a cap would lead to more difficulties in securing an appointment.

“When will you ever get to see a GP if they only deal with 13 or 25 patients a day? It’s a ridiculous situation. It will leave people waiting months and push more towards A&E. Some people may die before they are seen,” she warned.

Other delegates suggested capping the number of patients to 25 a day.

The motion – “that this meeting urges a sensible cap is agreed on the workload of a GP which can be expected to be safely delivered in a day for the safety of patients and sanity of GPs” – was overwhelmingly carried.

The union’s proposal did not define what that limit is.