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AXA Research Fund secures €50m funding

Fund is focusing on energy transition and women’s health this year

The AXA Research Fund has been granted a new €50m (£44m) endowment over the next five years to fund innovative research to better understand and manage risk.

The fund, which recently celebrated its 10th birthday, focuses on health, environment, social and economic issues as well as technology.

It has two major priorities for 2018: energy transition and women’s health.

Grants are awarded to researchers up to the value of €125,000.

The AXA Research Fund has dedicated €180m since 2008 to fund 563 projects in 35 countries. In 2018, the fund has already supported 39 researchers covering topics such as the environment, innovation in healthcare and technology.

Grants have been awarded to Peter Joshi of the University of Edinburgh, who is studying genomic and biological basis of human lifespan in order to guide medicine and healthcare systems; and Joanna Bryson of the University of Bath, who is investigating whether robots who look like humans have a negative effect on people’s perception of artificial intelligence.

Thomas Buberl, chief executive of AXA, said: “By contributing to the progress and dissemination of science to address our societies’ challenges, the AXA Research Fund is a key pillar of our corporate responsibility, a vector of AXA’s strategy aiming at offering everyone the means to live a better life.”