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Nigel Farage pledges tax breaks to pay for private operations

Proposal aims to reduce pressure on the NHS

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has suggested introducing tax breaks for the wealthy to help them pay for private operations.

The Brexiteer claimed the proposal would reduce the burden on the NHS.

Speaking on BBC Question Time, Farage said: “If the wealthiest in society took out private medical insurance, [or] were encouraged to do so, we could lift maybe as much as 10% off the burden on the NHS for those who cannot afford private insurance cover. It strikes me as a rather bright thing to do.”

Farage added that the NHS should be free for all at the point of delivery and that he was not forcing people to take out private insurance but, instead, suggesting a way of reducing waiting lists and lifting the burden off the health service.

Other health-related policies from the Brexit Party include 24-hour opening for GP surgeries and broadening training for nurses and midwives without the need for a degree.

Earlier this year, Farage said insurers could take the burden off the NHS but denied he wanted to replace the health service with private insurance.

“If I was encouraged to opt out of the system, to relieve the burden on the health service, I would do so gleefully,” he added.