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NHS to scrap routine health MOTs

Online checks and 'more targeted' advice promised

The NHS is to scrap routine health “MOTs” for the over-40s and will focus instead on providing online checks and more “targeted” advice.

Ministers said the current “one size fits all” system, introduced a decade ago, is no longer fit for puropose. Data and technology would be used instead to get the right help to those in need of it.

Currently, those between the age of 40 and 74 are invited to their surgery every five years, for checks on blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, and other tests depending on what is found.

But patients’ groups warned that potentially deadly problems could go unchecked, with concern about the reliability of “predictive” tools used to estimate risk.

They also expressed concern that the move was an attempt to offfer checks “on the cheap” by calling fewer people in to see GPs, the Telegraph reports.

Under the changes, physical checks may be reserved for those thought to be most in need, with those deemed “low-risk” offered less frequent online health tests.

Almost seven million people have undergone the MOTs in the last five years, with one in 10 found to be at high risk of heart disease, and 500 lives saved annually.