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NHS patients to be offered virtual hospital appointments

Wolverhampton residents will get access to an app created by Babylon

NHS patients in Wolverhampton will be able to Skype medics via their smartphones and receive a diagnosis by chatbots as part of a new deal that aims to ease pressure on GPs and hospitals.

Everyone living in Wolverhampton will be given access to an app created by Babylon, which will enable them to book GP and hospital appointments, with some offered remotely. 

NHS staff will be given access to Babylon’s technology – including artificial intelligence that assesses symptoms. 

According to the Telegraph, the 10-year deal also sets out plans for increased use of wearables, digital health assessments carried out by chatbots and the ability for patients to play back their own consultations with medics.  

In future, patients with chronic conditions should be able to undergo monitoring at home, with results fed into their app, alerting specialists when an appointment was needed. 

Ali Parsa (pictured), chief executive and founder of Babylon, said the plans would help the NHS to lead healthcare across the world.